It is our mission to empower, bring action, and teach knowledge to the community utilizing the arts through various project based learning programs. We accomplish this through a youth writing curriculum, community programs, and a yearly scholarship for high schoolers interested in pursuing their artistic gifts at a college or university.


The initial idea of Serving People Inc. was envisioned in 2006 by Joshua A. McCann. He had recently graduated from Public Allies, a non for profit organization with a renewed passion for the community. He united with six other members who was as passionate about community work. They came together with an idea for creation of a youth based organization. A non 4 profit idea emerged called S.P.E.A.K. or Serving the People in Empowerment Action and Knowledge. Ultimately, each member ambitions changed and decided to move on to other endeavors. Mr. McCann still chose to work within the community. His background in public administration and love of writing would prove to be a vital asset to recreate the foundation of the project. In 2016, new goals and visions emerged to reformulate an earlier dream. Hurricane Matthew hit Haiti leaving devastating effects in its wake. This led Mr. McCann to raise $800, sending it to a Haitian family to help them rebuild. This small gesture reminded him of his commitment to helping others. In 2017, Serving People Inc. was officially launched and its status as a 501c 3 tax exempt organization emerged. Later that year, his first writing curriculum taught middle school students the basics of poetry and songwriting. Also, initial community partnerships were established.


Here are some of the thinkers and movers who make the work happen.


Founder & CEO

He is a man of many artistic talents and gifts, with a passion an desired interest to help the community. Mr. McCann is involved with many community organizations, ranging but not limited to: Africa International House, Liberia Hope Foundation, and The Earth Center of Maanu to name a few. He uses his Masters degree in Public Administration to provide the necessary leadership skills needed to manage an effective organization.


Nothing can ever move or run without the help of others. The many volunteers who have contributed are the backbone of Serving People. Their time and effort to serving the community are responsible for the many successful projects. Serving People could not thrive without this support. Sign up now and join the host of volunteers who have chosen to give back to their communities click here


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