From his birth until his untimely passing, Jeremiah Sterling always challenged life. He was born from a ruptured uterus, with the doctors not knowing if his lack of oxygen would have a lasting impact on his growth and development. Jeremiah defied those odds, and grew up as a normal child interested in music. He named himself Miah The Great and that he was.

He would become an artistic genius. Highly skilled in rapping, and word play, Jeremiah began to make a name for hisself on the local music scene. By age 16, he was already constructing lyrics on love, school, and life. He was taught from his mother, Lawanda, belief in the power of the mind. That you are what you think, and you write the story of your own life. That’s how Jeremiah believed in his music. He also had a strong passion for dance, especially foot working. Jeremiah joined various dance groups showcasing his abilities. He knew what he wanted to do in life, and worked on it daily.

Tragically, all of his dreams were cut short, by a bullet while walking home from the store. A wayward young adult shot him multiple times only a half a block from his house in the Maple Park community of Chicago. When his life was taken, he had already made a name for himself, and was loved and respected by many. Jeremiah Sterling was taught that whatever he touched would turn to gold. All he had to do was touch it!

Serving People Inc. is proud to honor his memory in servitude to the community. We are excited to announce the Jeremiah Sterling Scholarship. It is a $1,000 award presented to an inspiring artist attending college, university, trade, or secondary program, and is in pursuit of the arts. The individual this scholarship is tailored toward is the dreamer, the one who doesn’t know how it will happen, just knows that it WILL happen. The one who puts the work in, has talent and drive, and is willing to pay it forward through helping another.

The application process goes from April 1st, 2024 to July 19th, 2024 until 11:59 pm (CST). Applicants must submit a one page essay about their interests in the arts, and how it will make an impact on community and society.

The scholarship is open is for those pursing music, art, poetry, dance, or any deemed artistic expression toward a college, university, or secondary education to further advancement of ones talents.

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