Creative Writing Course

Future plans going forward includes expanding the writing course into an eight to ten week program.  It will have the intent of exposing the youth to various creative writing styles, increasing their writing abilities, and utilizing artistry as an outlet to cope with societal ills.


Serving People is honoring the memory of an aspiring artist gone too soon. We are proud to announce the first annual Jeremiah Sterling Scholarship. This award identifies those pursuing the arts enrolled in a college or higher education program with $1000 towards their studies. To apply, or find out more details about the scholarship click here.

A second award the Shahidah Quiayim Scholarship has also been created. This is in honor of a poetess currently still practicing her craft at the ripe age of 85! This scholarship is tailored to adult applicants 30 yrs old and up. He or she should be interested in pursing artistic development, as well as continuing education and pursuit in the field. The award amount has yet to be determined.

One Reach Program

This program is unique in that it provides patrons individual help for their needs.  If someone is in need of employment, then Serving People Inc. connects them to resources that will help them with that endeavor. Or it may be an upgrade on their computer skills, then we provide basic computer literacy to accomplish such goal and so forth.  Each service is specifically geared for empowering our patrons with needed assistance.

Housing program:

Serving people sponsored a short term housing option for those in need of immediate shelter. Patrons would only pay a nominal expense to cover their toiletries and other necessities. They also would receive resume building and job references. Currently no new applicants are being considered at this time.

Sankofa Fest

Serving People hosted the first annual Sankofa Fest. It was a partnership with Derco T’s Productions, as well as Reformation Church Chicago Saving Black Churches. There a discussion of the importance of church in the black community was held. Also, there was a black farmers market for residents to buy their fresh vegetables and fruits. Dr. Rev. Willie Wilson, was the first honoree at the event. He is a pioneer who gives financial support to residents of the community.


Pacific Mission Garden

Serving People Inc went to Pacific Mission Garden, a homeless shelter and helped the staff out. There we participated in operating and cleaning the kitchen , passing out toiletries and words of encouragement, as well as made up beds for the residents. In partnering with the Young Adult Network of Arnett Chapel AME Church, we were able to distribute 150 bags of toiletries to those in need. The homeless expressed appreciation in their gratitude and thanks.

Block Party

Serving People partnered with the 115th-117th Elizabeth St Block club in putting on a three block community party. There was a dj, games, raffles, and festivities going on. Residents were able to converse and get to know more about each other. Block parties are key to keeping up the neighborhood safety, and upkeep within the community.

Talent Outreach

In late 2019, Serving People revisited Belhaven Senior Facility for our 2nd annual caroling event. Here participants sang, told short stories, and performed various poems for the seniors living there. Serving People passed out candy and words of inspiration to the residents. It was with intent to provide new hope and joy to seniors within the Morgan Park community.

Positive Vibes Open Mic

Serving People has partnered with Power To Impress & Derco T’s Productions to put on a family and friends open mic. Open Mic Night provides a safe space for expression to combat poverty and violence. The event takes place Every 2nd Saturday of the month starting ar 7pm.

Tennis lessons

Tennis lessons were taught to residents who took interest in the sport. Participants were taught skills on how to serve, proper ground stroke techniques, and effective movement. This was an eight week course held during the summer months.

International Outreach

Serving People has been doing international outreach before it was an official organization. With Arnett Chapel’s assistance, funding was raised and sent to assist hurricane victims in Haiti. More recently, we sent school supplies to Nigeria to help the educational needs of youth. We also worked with Liberia Hope Foundation in an effort to build a vocational high school in the rural areas of Liberia. Lastly, we have helped with securing donations for building more drinking wells in Burkino Faso with Projects of Meritah, an initiative with the Earth Center of Manuu. We are always actively looking for more causes to become involved with.

Prison Outreach

Serving People has embarked on a prison outreach program. Monthly words of encouragement are sent the the prisoner, as well as self help books. Other services are helping with prisoner case filings, and reaching out to administration for possible transfers. Further expansion on the program is being considered.


33rd Annual Hunger Walk

The organization helped raise awareness by participating in the 33 annual hunger walk. Members walked five miles to try an combat the ills of hunger and poverty. Sometimes through the most simple ways are we able to still make a difference.

Community Forums

Serving People attending the peace circle forum hosted by Maple Park Methodist Church on how to combat violence and maintain peace. There was much debate on what is the best plan of action for helping our community become more peaceful. From the meeting, a plan of suggestions were established such as neighbors contacting police upon initial spotting of crime. Different ideas on creating more programs for the youth was another option.

Positive Reflections

Serving People Inc. distributes handbills throughout the city with positive sayings to uplift others. This component stresses the importance of staying positive during these difficult times. One can easily fall into depression without something to hold onto. It is imperative to try and think positive.

Movie & Panel Discussion

Serving People hosts movie and panel discussion every last Saturday of the month. Participants discuss the content of a particular movie or documentary. Each feature is on a subject that is relatable to the community. The community joins in to watch videos and raise consciousness while fostering community development.

Community Workshops

Serving People gave an online zoom presentation about cryptocurrency in conjunction with BDPA Chicago Chapter. The workshop provided participants the opportunity to gain an overview on what cryptocurrency is and how it can be utilized to acquire potential wealth and new assets. Future plans are to do an in person training on the subject. Also, future workshops include basic computer trainings, as well as a financial literacy course.